Day 12 of Getting Even, live on Amazon. Now, the reality check.

We are still learning the ropes of the self-publishing world. I just discovered that the price of the print version of my book includes a four-color cover. It means I can sell the book for $9.00 (no profit for me) with a full color cover! This might be basic to most Kindle authors but it was news to me. I originally designed a black and white cover page so the book wouldn’t be expensive.

So day 12 of my publishing history and there is no ripple affect after blasting a few hundred emails to our friends. Life is not that easy, eh?

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 1.35.01 PM

Now my job is to figure out how to market the book. So far, I have:

  1. Created my Goodreads reader and author pages (still waiting for approval from Goodreads on the author page).
  2. Created a Facebook page for my publishing company.
  3. Created this WordPress website.

What else….

I watched the video and followed the suggestion from on book promotion sites, but this won’t work if you’ve signed up to be a part of Kindle Select.

Our genmaibooks staff, well, me and Curt, are brainstorming what our next steps will be.



4 thoughts on “Day 12 of Getting Even, live on Amazon. Now, the reality check.

  1. I have a friend–Lynne Spreen–who self publishes. She may have a tip for you. Her specialty is Older Adults fiction. Look for her on Goodreads and check out her blog. She might be willng to correspond with you about her experiences as a self-publisher. I’ll write and let her know about you. My brother self-published a book about diabetes, then paid BIG bucks to someone to market it for him. I think in the end the marketer got rich! lol


  2. Hi, I’m a friend of Jan Moorehouse. Congratulations and welcome to the world of the published author. Most of us have discovered that marketing is as considerable an endeavor as writing, so best wishes. Biggest tip: announce the book, with its Amazon link, to everyone, and ask people to buy it. You’d be surprised how much that helps. Also, interact on Facebook and, in one out of 10 posts, market your book. Best wishes.


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